About Stomping Ground



Mike, Chris, Bobby and Joe, raised on the gritty streets of Philly, are more like brothers than friends. When an impromptu trip to their woodsy childhood hideout suddenly and unexpectedly turns violent, not only do they find themselves caught up in a moral dilemma, but they're now running for their lives.


As an increasingly challenging situation quickly spins further and further out of control, tensions flare, relationships strain and dark secrets emerge. When some lines are crossed, you can never go back.





Writer-director David J. Greenberg is a screenwriting professor in Philadelphia who specializes in micro-budget films.


For his feature directing debut, he meticulously crafted an innovative, unconventional screenplay that challenged him, producers, cast and crew to shoot an entire film in 24 hours. After a month of intensive rehearsals, Stomping Ground was shot over the course of a weekend, in two 12 hour days.

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2015 Stomping Ground

They Came to The Woods

Mike, Chris, Bobby and Joe in a tight spot.